About Us

We are a full-fledged advertising agency with 360 degree prospects in the field of marketing, advertising, research and solution (as the name creatively abbreviates). Established in 2003 AD, MARS was initiated with the combined effort and passion of some of the most experienced people hailing from different sectors of the advertising business. Apart from delivering the contemporary services that is expected out of an advertising agency, we try to go beyond the expectations and possibilities so that we can deliver something that is not just out-of-the-box but also out-of- the-world (as the names indirectly suggests).

For us being an agency is not just about designing artwork, coming up with creative campaigns and building marketing strategies but its more about fulfilling our clients objectives by doing whatever it take to achieve the outlines target. We never limit ourselves because we believe in being multi-dimensional in every area of work and that is the driving force of our agency.


Our Team

Manish Adhikari Managing Director

Kishor Raj Aryal Global Connecter

Santosh Adhikari Global Connecter

Our Mission

To build relationships that extend beyond service to provide support and feedback about issues relevant to the client.


Our Vision

To be the country’s leading creative communication powerhouse by delivering world class strategic brand management to our clients and enable them to build and maintain leadership in their business.